FREE Printable Halloween Papercutting template

free papercutting template download

Halloween seems to be fast approaching, doesn't it?!

As the scary season is upon us I have decided to try a scary new thing. My first papercutting template and it's FREE!

So, enjoy your download of this Halloween papercutting template by Paper Yoku.


You will need: 120gsm - 160gsm thickness paper & Scalpel

The download includes two files. 1 is the outline of the design the other is the design in block white on a grey background.

This template has been designed to print on A4 paper of your choice. The design will be printed in reverse as seen in the download. Please keep this in mind when printing. For the design to be black, I recommend printing on the white site of black poster paper.

POLITE BUT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This template is for personal use only. Please do not sell any papercut or artwork produced from this design and template.


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